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DISTON Anti-cut Ski Racing 3/4 Pants Women

DISTON Anti-cut Ski Racing 3/4 Pants Women

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The flexibility index of the pants and tops allows racers to wear one size smaller than the size typically used in this type of elastic garment. A skier with a size M in his usual thermals can also wear a size S without any problem, and so on.

Contact us if you are a licensed ski racer and get DISTON special conditions for racers.

    Protection and Safety

    • The DISTON Anti-cut Ski Racing 3/4 Pants Women are designed and manufactured to prioritize skiers' safety.
    • DISTON anti-cut garments are certified by the FIS (International Ski Federation) with 3 FIS stars in CRG 2021 (Cut Resistance Grade) after having successfully passed very demanding anti-cut tests. This is the highest certification awarded so far by the FIS for anti-cut garments.
    • DISTON anti-cut garments are also certified with a level 4 out of 5 according to the European anti-cut standard EN 388:2016.
    • These inner pants have advanced anti-cut properties, offering exceptional protection against lacerations.
    • These anti-cut pants are essential for every skier's safety gear, like helmets, back protectors, and leg and arm guards.


    Unparalleled Comfort

    • With their remarkable flexibility, these pants effortlessly adapt to the skier's body, providing a comfortable fit.
    • The high flexibility ensures unrestricted mobility, allowing skiers to move freely and confidently on the slopes.
    • While delivering optimum protection, these pants also prioritize comfort, acting as thermal inner pants without compromising breathability.


    Breathability for Peak Performance

    The DISTON Anti-cut Ski Racing, 3/4 Pants, is breathable, enabling efficient moisture management during intense skiing sessions. Designed to wick away sweat and heat, these pants keep skiers dry and comfortable throughout their performance.


    Invest in the DISTON Anti-cut Ski Racing 3/4 Pants to experience the perfect blend of protection, comfort, breathability, and hygiene for your skiing adventures!

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