FIS-DITF Test Standard 2021: The Ski Cut Resistant Undergarment Qualification

The FIS-DITF test standard 2021 is a set of guidelines and requirements designed to qualify ski cut-resistant undergarments. These undergarments are protective clothing equipment that improves athletes' protection against ski cut injuries during alpine events.


Why is the Test Important?

Alpine events involve high-speed skiing; sometimes, sharp ski edges can risk cutting through the clothing and causing injuries to an athlete's arms or legs. The FIS-DITF test standard ensures that the ski-cut-resistant undergarments provide adequate protection, helping athletes feel more secure while competing.


What does the Test Measure?

The primary purpose of the test is to examine whether a ski edge can cut through a material sample when subjected to a defined pressure load. The material sample undergoes a 200 mm long cutting movement using a defined ski edge sharpness to simulate a cut to an arm or leg.

 Ski cut resistance test fis ditf test standard

Test Specifications

  1. Cut Resistance: The test evaluates the material sample's cut resistance, indicating how well it can withstand a ski edge attempting to cut through it.
  2. FIS-Star Levels: The cut resistance is rated in FIS-star levels, determining the garment's performance and protection capabilities. The higher the FIS-star level, the better the cut resistance.
  3. Minimum Cut Distance: For a garment to pass the test, it must demonstrate cut resistance over a distance of at least 200 mm. This ensures that the protective material can effectively withstand a significant portion of the ski edge movement.
  4. Multiple Directions: The test evaluates the cut resistance in three directions of the textile: 0°, 45°, and 90°. This is important because injuries can occur from various angles, and undergarments must offer consistent protection.
  5. Number of Cuts: To ensure reliability, the sample must pass four out of five cuts. This accounts for potential material resistance variations and guarantees consistent performance.


In summary, the FIS-DITF test standard 2021 is essential for qualifying ski cut-resistant undergarments that protect athletes during alpine events. The test assesses their cut resistance by subjecting the material samples to specific pressure loads and ski edge movements. Garments that meet the required cut resistance criteria and pass multiple cuts are assigned higher FIS-star levels, indicating their effectiveness in protecting against ski cut injuries.

Overall, this standard aims to enhance safety in alpine sports by ensuring athletes access reliable, high-quality protective clothing that minimizes the risk of injuries from ski edges.